This is an ambitious and unique project turning the current lockdown into a creative opportunity. The first project , Zoomania, was amazingly well received and resulted in a fabulous filmed muisical event – you can see it here!

Our half term project is 2oomania

We give the students a challenging, exciting and fun project that keeps them in touch with their friends, helps them make new friendships and stimulates as many areas of their creativity as possible.

Over the course of 5 days there is regular online contact time via Zoom in small groups with each group tasked with devising sets of scenes around a central theme. There will be songs and dances to learn and we will be aiming to turn the limitations of the online experience into a positive set of guidelines – it will be our ‘set’. Tthe project occupies around per day with regular timetabled online time and preparation and rehearsal to do at home or in small online groups.

Rather than work with large groups we timetable each age group separately and also use ‘breakout rooms’ where the students can work together on discrete parts of the project.

  • Acting – students devise their own scenes with guidance from Best and then come together to rehearse in breakout rooms before taking their work to the larger group. We encourage students to enhance the experience through costume and assembling props and background.
  • Dance – each group is given moves to practice at home and here we choreograph each group onscreen. For example, each student may have a solo before passing it on to the next person on screen.  This is a tricky thing to do but the results can be extraordinary!
  • Singing – we work on songs in parts that are drawn together in the final edit.

On the final day we will film each part of the project online and edit it together into a final production showreel for all participants.


£70 per student per week 


Monday-Friday 24-28 May


If you would like to enrol, please email us. If you are not an existing Best customer, please let us have your child’s name and date of birth and your full contact details. Alternatively you can book online here.