First Class – acting, singing & dancing class


First Class is a gentle introduction to communications skills and performance from Best Theatre Arts. Learning through play and experience is vital and your child will have the chance to try things out in an atmosphere of fun and support. Of course not all the children are comfortable with performance – indeed many are initially nervous or shy. But it is amazing how quickly that changes as we help them grow the confidence to move forward.


Each First Class, in St Albans or Hertford, lasts for 1½ hours mixing together elements of drama, music and dance, gently encouraging small but significant steps in their development. There will be games, songs, dances – all kinds of activities specifically selected to take your child to their next stage.

Group sizes are kept deliberately small so that we are able to focus on each child as an individual, getting to know their likes, dislikes and personality. A First Class may also have a classroom assistant to help the lead teacher with the activities (and of course trips to the bathroom)

There’s a two week trial to make doubly sure they like it (they will!) before you have to commit any further.

Click here for a First Class leaflet.

Class Dates and Booking

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