Best – acting, singing & dancing class

Best Theatre Arts offers classes in acting/drama, singing and dancing.

If you are looking for drama classes, acting training or the whole range of performing arts for the theatre in Hertford or St Albans, there’s no better place to start than Best Theatre Arts.

Best’s core course features an hour each of acting/drama, singing and dancing on a Friday or Saturday.

To get a quick feeling for what your child might do at Best Theatre Arts, have a look at this video shot by one of our ex-students, Ellie Utting – we think it captures the feeling of fun and friendship beautifully!

Your child can join  Best classes from age 6. Drama and performance classes provides a fantastic springboard, teaching skills that will be invaluable in whatever the children do with the rest of their lives.

Each ‘school’ meets for 3 hours. During this time your child will have separate theatre classes in acting, singing and dancing. We vary the order each week and there is a break between the second and third class for a snack. Even for the youngest children time absolutely flies!

The groups are divided by age – usually 6-8 (Green group), 9-11 (Blue group) and secondary school pupils (Yellow group). These splits may vary slightly according to the make up of each school. We are able to adjust our class content to meet the needs of each group – and within each group we get to know the individuals well.

Here are some videos of some numbers from recent shows, Histeria (Unwritten), Histeria (One Vision), Sunlight (Finale).

Download a brochure here... Best information pack

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