Change of location for all St Albans classes Saturday 26 September

There is a teachers’ conference at Sandringham this Saturday which means we have to change our usual spaces.

ALL CLASSES (Best Theatre Arts, Best School of Acting, First Class, LAMDA and Singing) will drop off and pick up from the Main Hall.

This is located at the top of the school directly in front of you as you come through the main gate.

The conference may also mean the car park is busier than usual, so it may be advisable to park in the top car park.

The map below may help – Main Hall marked in red

PowerPoint Presentation

Getting Histerical!

poster-try-1We’re delighted to announce that Best’s public show next year (12-14 March 2016) will be ‘Histeria – The Complete and Total History of Britain’. From the Vikings and Romans, through the Wars of the Roses and Tudors, right up to the Second World War and today, we will explore the untold (and mostly silly) stories behind the legends and histories.

The broad sweep of this epic work will mean that once again every child will have plenty to do!

With the strange timing of Easter in 2016, we will be beginning rehearsals earlier than usual – after half term in the Autumn. So if you’re thinking of signing up for Best, now is the time to do it!

Best rocks the National Theatre

outside the dorfmanWe sold out the Dorfman and it rocked! A superb performance by our wonderful cast capped a magical two days spent at the National Theatre. We saw some fantastic theatre and got to rehearse in the the wonderful facilities. They looked after us so well it was relaxed and stress free!

The group had a brilliant time and there were other memories too – strolling down the South Bank on a warm summer’s evening, all friends together. A post-show pizza by the river. Even the inevitable cheeky Nando’s!

Here’s a brief video of our experience

And here is a trailer for the show…

It was an experience none of us will ever forget. What an achievement!

Best selected to appear at the National Theatre!

This is probably the most exciting announcement we’ve ever made at Best…

It is with immense pride, huge excitement and sheer delight that we can now announce that Best’s production of The Boy Preference has been selected to appear on the stage of the National Theatre in July.

Here’s a brief taste of the show…

Nearly 300 groups across the UK took part in the programme and we are one of 10 companies asked to transfer to the National Theatre. This is a huge honour for our youth theatre group, TheBYTE, and follows successful assessed performances at The Maltings and at the Royal & Derngate Theatre in Northampton.

For those of you (oh, why so few?) who came to see the show at The Maltings, this may come as no surprise – the show is stunning. The good news for those of you who didn’t get to see the show is that as well as being able to come and see it at the National – and please do come if you can because it’s a huge auditorium and we need as much support as we can get – we are hoping to re-perform the show in St Albans prior to its transfer to the National. We’ll let you know about dates as soon as possible.

We couldn’t be more proud of our amazing, talented bunch of young people. The have worked so hard to create this eerie piece and it’s been a real team effort throughout. They deserve this opportunity of a lifetime to perform on the UK’s premier stage. They’ll knock the audience’s socks off.

The majority of the cast have been with Best for many years, most of them now attending Best School of Acting. The quality of their work validates entirely the nurturing process that we strongly believe in at Best – stick with us and you can do wonderful things!

We are recruiting a new group for TheBYTE to start in September – these will be from school years 7, 8 and 9 (ages 11-14) and it gives further stretch and performance opportunities for Best students (and it’s half price too!) – do let us know if your child would like to come along and give it a go. Numbers are strictly limited and the current group has proven that once the group is together, it very rarely loses people so this new small group will carry a lot of Best’s performance ambition in the next few years.

A huge thank you and congratulations to Lisa Schulberg who has moulded this group so well and whose approach at BSA is demonstrably having fantastic results! Also to Louisa Stevens for her fabulous work with them in earlier times and for her tremendous support in the autumn term during Lisa’s maternity leave.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the cast of this wonderful show. What an advert for Best and for the young people of St Albans and Harpenden.

We are going to the National Theatre!

Our brilliant day out

What a wonderful day we had at the Royal & Derngate Theatre. Read the blog…

NT’s assessment? “Brilliant, inspired, fantastic”

Those are the kinds of words you want to see in an assessment from the National Theatre– and we’ve got them!

We received a glowing assessment from our recent production of The Boy Preference – here are a few of the more headline grabbing comments…

  • ‘Brilliant decision to have a chorus of girls which has a huge impact’
  • ‘Terrifying chorus’
  • ‘The chorus work is brilliant’
  •  ‘Wonderfully detailed props throughout’
  • ‘Inspired use of sound, lighting and design’
  • ‘Really well thought out’
  •  ‘Loved the handing of flowers’
  • ‘The fight in scene 2 is brilliant – fantastic and genuinely shocking’
  • ‘The extreme heat impetus…really brought out the sense of muddied thinking and extremity of events’
  • ‘I loved the staging of the dive’
  • ‘The costumes are great’
  • ‘The sunglasses are ingenious’

The development notes are in the vast majority technical: suggestions for different exits/entrances and a few lighting/sound tweaks.

As far as the performances go, again suggestions for how a few minor things might be handled differently which we can work on, but there are no real criticisms at all!

So good news on all fronts – there are things we can do to make it better (I don’t disagree with any of his suggestions) AND it’s pretty darned good as it is! And if you look at the things he really liked, these ideas came from all sorts of people/places – so a genuine team effort.

Well done everyone!!!

A brilliant performance

All those who saw TheBYTE’s production of The Boy Preference agreed they had seen something very special. A huge well done to the cast and crew – here’s looking forward to taking the show to the Royal & Derngate Theatre in Northampton!

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Announcing our spring show… Timonfeya!

poster portrait 2014 1 copyNext Easter’s show at The SandPit Theatre will be Timonfeya – a new play adapted from a previous trilogy by David.

It’s the story of a rescue journey from the cloud capped mountains to the depths of the fiery Underworld and features Rocks, Fireflies, evil fluffy animals and an Ice Queen amongst a plethora of (often very silly) characters.

It has loads of parts, lots of songs (including the now legendary Dingly Dell and Rock Song) and is packed with adventure and extremely bad jokes.

And this term we will be giving each school it’s VERY OWN SHOW – so four shows over a weekend (21/22/23 March).

It’ll be great fun and a real challenge. We can’t wait.