TheBYTE has ‘The Boy Preference’

Best’s youth theatre group, TheBYTE, is to perform Elinor Cook’s brand new play, ‘The Boy Preference’ in February/March as part of the National Theatre Connections programme . It’s a disturbing tale of a country where girls are disdained and often aborted before birth. What would happen if the girls who never were suddenly are?

It’s a challenging piece and should be huge fun to do! Can’t wait…

Ex-Best student gets a line in Game of Thrones!

Congratulations to Sammy Small, who came to Best 2008-2011. He’s been working loads and we were thrPM B Small Samuelilled to see him in ‘Game of Thrones’ – and with a line! Many more to come, Sammy, we’re sure!

Next term, Best will be Frozen!

Frozen-bannerIn the autumn term 2014, Best and First Class will be using ‘Frozen!’ as a theme, with songs, dances and drama based on the latest Disney classic. We won’t let it go!

What a Night at the Oscars!

Well done both casts for a simply brilliant run of shows. You sounded and looked fabulous and we hope you’ll enjoy seeing your performance on the DVD.

Have a lovely Easter – but if you are looking for something to do, there are still places on our spring academy 7-11 April – The Nightmare before Easter’.

Scholarship auditions announced

For the first time we are holding scholarship auditions to join our Saturday afternoon Best classes! There are 5 free places and 10 50% discounts on offer. Selection will be made at a free, fun audition workshop at Sandringham School on Tuesday 8th April 2pm-4pm. Click here to find out more…

Audition classes launched

Best has now launched Audition & Monologue classes to support those going up for parts or thinking about applying for drama schools. They take place every Wednesday evening. Go here to see more!

Night at the Oscars – the red carpet awaits…

Planning is going well for the end-of-term public show at the SandPit. Each group will have its own sections to work on and of course there’ll be a big finale. But now it’s time to write some scripted bits…

Unmythable was unmissable!

Well done to all the schools on their end of term showings…

Each school produced their own versions of Greek myths, with the Hertford school including a new pantomime written especially by David which explained the little known roots of the Christmas story in Greek mythology, including (for the drama scholars among you) an explanation of how a faulty ‘deus ex machina’ resulted in the tradition of Santa coming down the chimney. There were mince pies and drinks too and everyone probably went away dreaming of a possible greek holiday rather than of Christmas!

fri greek myth 011 b fri greek myth 006 h photo (5) photo (6)

Next term, it’s a Night at the Oscars!

The end of term show, on 29/30 March at The SandPit Theatre, will bring all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to the SandPit’s stage. Of course, Best’s OSCARS might not have the usual categories you might expect – but it will be a fun show for everyone with lots to do.

See you there – dress to impress!