LAMDA sized copyBest’s LAMDA classes have achieved truly remarkable results- we are delighted that so far we have achieved a 100% pass rate – the vast majority (over 90%) at either Merit or Distinction!

We offer expert tuition to all grades of LAMDA examination. Each grading takes a course of eight 20 minute classes and there’s a huge variety of performance skills you can choose to explore – acting, devising, reading, musical theatre – either individually, with a friend or in larger groups.

A message from Caroline, our LAMDA leader...

My classes are about more than just examinations. For me, the most rewarding aspect has always been to see my students grow in confidence, and to see them take on challenges they might have previously thought beyond them. I make it a priority to find out what my students needs are and focus upon helping them achieve their goals. This can range from them taking the starring role on stage, to debating and public speaking, to helping children overcome the fear of expressing an opinion and taking a more active role in class. This involves liaising with parents and teachers to find out what areas need special focus. For all of my students I use the performing arts and drama to develop their sense of self-worth and esteem. I aim to give them an understanding of the art of conversation and of effective and persuasive communication. I also work with them on their diction, clarity of speech and projection, so that they can be easily understood. These skills can be developed and nurtured at any age.

I teach all aspects of the LAMDA syllabus including: Acting & Group Acting, Public Speaking and Presentations, Spoken English and Reading for Performance. I have a great success rate, most students achieving Merit or Distinction grades in the LAMDA examinations. 

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Class Dates and Booking

Classes start in the Spring term 2017 on 6/7 January and run through to 3/4 March. Exam day is 5 March.

To book, please call 01727 759634