We are proud of the huge number of positive comments we receive. Below are a selection of some of the most memorable over recent years – but there are so many others we could have chosen…

“I just wanted to let you both know that my daughter was the lead in her drama production at school just before Christmas. She sang a solo in front of a hall packed with hundreds of people and had lines in every scene (the production was an hour long). She was fantastic and oozed confidence, changing from an old lady to an angel. Lots of the parents commented on how amazing she was and we let them know about Best. My husband and I are sure that she would not have been able to do this without the input from all of you at Best and we wanted to thank you all. She was a great advert for Best as she is not loud and overtly confident it was a real surprise to her friend’s parents to see her perform with such professionalism.”
RE, January 2015

“We owe a great deal to Best for how we feel he has developed in to a great, well-rounded young adult, we often say to one another, ‘where would he be without it!!’ It has been reflected so positively in many areas of his life.”
KK, October 2014

“He is enjoying your school immensely! It has a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere and he already feels that he is a part of something special.”
AH, November 2014

“Your work at Best is superb, the atmosphere is lovely and very inclusive. I recommend you to anyone that will listen!”
DC, November 2014

“My son, who is Aspergic, started Best around 9 years of age. After his first week’s holiday course I genuinely couldn’t believe I was watching the same child. The performance showed such a confident child, singing, dancing and acting as if he’d been doing it for years. He was literally transformed from a shy, timid boy, unable to hold eye contact, to a shining star. He has attended Best ever since, and his self-belief and confidence have just grown and grown. I am extremely grateful to Annette & David along with all their wonderful staff for the wonderful talent they share with the children. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Best to anyone.”
VL, July 2014

“Wouldn’t it be great if all organisations were like you!”
DR, November 2014

“We have enjoyed a wonderful four years at BEST.  We have seen our daughter develop skills for dancing, singing and acting which has enabled her to participate in a diverse range of productions which utilise a myriad of different skills.  Annette, David, and their team provide an outstanding programme for learning and development which is delivered in a fun, enthusiastic and creative way.  The results have been fantastic in terms of building self confidence and learning theatre skills.”
Ffion’s Mum, 2014

“You guys are just fantastic. I don’t know how you have the energy and creativity to do what you do (and patience) but it’s an inspiration to the children and to us parents.”
Mark’s Dad 2013

“Brilliant show and so much happiness on display. Fantastic!”
Sophie’s Mum 2013

“Never underestimate the value of what you do for our children.” 
Robert and Daniel’s Mum 2004

“Best is where we feel safe, valued and happy. It’s like our oasis during the week.” 

The students of Saturday afternoon Yellow Group 2013

“Thank you for everything Best has done for my daughter. We know just how much of her development and interest in the theatre is down to you.” 

O, Dec 2002

“Indeed a staggeringly impressive production!”

H, May 2005

“Thank you for all you have done for him over the past 4 years. You have nurtured him and supported him in ways no-one else could. He has grown in self-esteem and confidence and has developed a love of the theatre which will no doubt stay with him for the rest of his life. He couldn’t have done this without wonderful teachers like you. You inspire our children and encourage them even when the learning curve is so steep that it’s scary!” 

J, 2007

“You are discovering and polishing skills which make him fly like a bird.”

S, 2007

“Many, many happy dramatic memorable enchanted years that will stay with us forever!” 

K&A 2008

“I’ve had a wonderful 10 years at First Class and Best and I’m looking forward to moving on to TheBYTE. I’ve learned so much and there’s absolutely no way I would be able to stand on stage with any confidence at all without the wonderful teaching I’ve had from Best. I think you deserve a medal for putting up with me.” 

S, 2008 – was with us from age 4 until 17!

“Thank you sooooo much for all my years at Best. I promise I’ll mention you in my Oscar speech.”

C, 2008

“We’ve seen a transformation in our child in a few months at Best – moving from anxiety and trepidation to a recent performance that stunned us. Her stage presence was extraordinary and priceless.There is no doubt that Best lives up to its name.” 

R, 2007

“The power of drama to influence children’s development is huge – it is way beyond performance. But it must be taught to the best standards with the individual child as the key focus Best does this with total integrity.” 

R, 2008

“Best is a fantastic place to be and there is nothing I don’t like.”
C, 2006

“When I think about our children these days I am conscious they are constantly being tested and assessed. Yet no-one tries to measure their confidence and the happiness factor. What you offer them at Best can’t be measured, but now I understand you are offering them bucketloads of confidence and a great time in a very positive community.” 

A, 2009

“I realise that in watching my own children over the years at Best, I’ve watched many of the other kids grow up too! It’s a credit to you all that they stay with Best for so long – it says so much about the ethos, the support, the fun on offer every week.” 

S, 2008

“I had the best time ever and wanted to perform at least 10 more shows. I love Best!!!” 
K, 2008

“I don’t know how you do it – but I’m so glad that you do! Thank you for what you give to my children.” 

N&C, 2005

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