This is where you find all the information we’ve sent out about Histeria – script, backing tracks and all the timings and advice.

Click here for the script – Histeria 2016

Here are the backing tracks so far:-

One Vision

Since You’ve Been Gone

Skye Boat Song

Whistle a Happy Tune


Hey hey we’re the Vikings


Rose Rose Rose Red Red

Lyrics are:-

Rose Rose Rose Red
Shall I ever see the wed
Ay, marry, at thy will, sire
At thy will.

O poor bird
Why art thou
Flying at the shadows
At this dark hour?


We think the children (and you) will love Histeria. It has bits of everything: extreme silliness, high drama and some very moving scenes indeed. The songs are cracking (and familiar). Please print the play off, name it and put it in a named binder. Children should bring a pencil to write down anything they need to remember.


Here’s a general matrix which should help…


Children will be allocated lines in their scenes at rehearsal which they should mark clearly in their scripts!


This is absolutely crucial. It is often said that acting doesn’t start until scripts are down and we subscribe to this wholeheartedly. It is obvious to any audience at children’s shows who the cast members are who’ve really had time to work on their parts and are therefore more confident and audible on stage. These are without exception the children who learn their lines at the earliest possible time. We write these shows specifically to give as many people real opportunities as possible, and to ensure everyone gets a line. This means there are usually no huge roles. In this show there are a couple of roles that are on stage throughout – the rest are in clearly defined segments and are therefore much easier to learn. So once parts are allocated, we urge you (nay implore you) to encourage the young actors to learn their lines and lyrics immediately. You, the whole audience and, most importantly, the actor will feel the benefit.

We try and distribute lines as fairly as we can – despite our earnest pleas children do seem to count their words in comparison to others and this is simply misleading and needlessly divisive. In Blue and Green groups particularly lines are spread with great care and equality. For the named characters, though – Yellow group mostly – numbers of lines may vary significantly. It is NEVER about the number of lines, it is ALWAYS the impact you bring to the show with the lines you have. These shows are all about teamwork and individuals giving the very best they can in what they are asked to do. The old adage is ‘there are no small parts, only small actors!” The only point we will make here is that when there is a large part with a lot of line learning to do, we will tend towards those who have shown in previous years that they are reliable.


One of the things that really can hold us back is absence. When a cast member is missing it affects everyone else in their scene and means all the work has to be retraced once the person arrives back the next week. It’s not a question of that person not knowing their words or practising at home- we have to take that for granted – it is the effect it has on the rest of the group that is much more important and can make the difference between something very special and something… well...something not so good. So PLEASE try and make sure we have full attendance for the next few months and drop parties etc. down the priority list.


We will costume the children, but ALL the cast are expected to have ‘blacks’ – a black top (no logos), black trousers, leggings or tights and black jazz shoes. This is a very costume-heavy show and it may be that we’ll need some help (sewing/stitching etc)- we’ll send out a plea for this separately. Please do help us if you can (let’s face it, neither of us can sew).


These will be available from The SandPit Theatre – (01727 370067) – we’ll let you know as soon as they are available.

Giving each school its own show does also mean that we need to get our audience numbers as high as possible so the children have a decent house to perform to – this was easy when we put two schools together but is more of a challenge in this new format. So please get friends and relatives to come along, ‘like’ our Facebook posts, retweet our tweets and display our poster where you can.



As you can see, this is an immense undertaking for Best staff, so please bear with us throughout the weekend. Our ability to deliver these rehearsals and shows on time and with a minimum of stress is legendary, so please trust us – your children will be fine! If you do need to get a message to us in an emergency, Annette’s mobile is 07711 502237 and David’s 07887 536225.


Show time is always thrilling and exciting and takes honest endeavour and real teamwork to pull off. For some, particularly younger ones, shows can be a little daunting, especially when we go into a big theatre with lights. It’s fine to be nervous – in fact many would argue that nerves provide the positive energy from where great performances are generated. But if you do have a child who is at all concerned, please let us know and we’ll do what we can to put their mind at rest.

One last tip – other than the lines your child has to learn, try not to read the rest of the play (yes, I know, it’s so brilliant to want to read on…) so there are still surprises in store for you at the show itself.