It’s looking like the summer is BACK ON and we are planning a fantastic programme of summer courses for 2021. 

So if you’re looking for a way for your children (aged 3 to 16) to burn off some energy, improve their confidence, meet new friends and have some fun, look no further than our fantastic holiday courses that run during the school holidays from 10am-4pm daily, usually Monday to Friday.

And in 2020 the Covid situation inspired us to even greater creative heights! Watch this…

A Best Theatre Arts holiday workshop is not just a drama class, a singing class or a dancing class – it is a place for making new friends, building confidence and having a fantastic time – a safe, friendly and dynamic atmosphere where even the most timid child will feel able to join in. And perhaps the best recommendation comes from the number of children who come back to our holiday courses year after year. No experience is necessary, and there are no auditions.

Each week is different so children can come to as many as they like. And we have three main strands – musical theatre for ages 6 to 16 , performance and craft for ages 3 to 5 and [email protected] – our specialist acting weeks!

For ages 3 to 6

Adventures in Wonderland! 26-30 July (St Albans)

Who are we going to meet down the rabbithole? What wonderful friends will we make on our way through this amazing place?

Journey into Space  2-6 August (St Albans)

Join us on a First Class rocketship to the stars! What wonderful plents will we find and who will we discover living there? An interstellar treat for our young astronauts!

Magical Creatures  9-13 August (St Albans)

What fantastic beasts will we discover in this lost world? Unicorns? Dinosaurs? Any creatures you can dream of, this is where they live!

For ages 6 to 16

Wonderland!  26-30 July (St Albans)

Where has Alice gone this time? Why does that cat keep grinning? And how can the Mad Hatter hold a tea party in lockdown? 

Waitless   2-6 August (St Albans)

Far away on the edge of space the Great Galactic Bake Off is in full swing with contestants from throughout the universe. But whose showstopper will literally stop the show? 

The Lost World  9-13 August (St Albans)

Stranded on a strange island our adventurers go in search of the Golden Unicorn – the only animal that can save them. If it even exists… Ages 6 to 16

West End Story  16-20 August (Hertford)

The show must go on… but which one? With so many shows to choose from, competition for the available stage is intense. Which wicked show will win? Will everyone end up shouting Mamma Mia or will they be Les Miserables? 


And acting specialist classes for ages 11+

[email protected] – Comedy 26-30 July (St Albans)

Exploring the surpringly complex but totally enterrtaining world of acting for comedy – the techniques, the tircks and the delivery. A week of acting fun ending with a performance for family and friends! Ages 11+

[email protected] – Shakespeare 2-6 August (St Albans)

OK – here’s the play, but what does it all mean? What makes his works so timeless? And can we have some fun here? Working with Shakespeare can be amazingly exciting, creative and fulfilling. Here’s a week to help you approach his works with confidence and anticipation! Ages 11+

[email protected] – Film & TV  9-13 August (St Albans)

Why is acting for the camera so different? What are the basic techniques you’ll need? And what are some of the clever tricks? We’ll explire all this and end with a filmed piece to show family and friends. Ages 11+


£180 (age 6+)
£160 (ages 3 to 5)

Discounts for siblings and multi-week bookings

Early drop off £25 per weekhree

  • Three weeks of ACTING specialist courses in St Albans – Comedy, Shakespeare and Film/TV
  • NEW musical theatre course in Hertford for ages 3 to 5 and 6 to 16