Here is the latest on COVID19 as it affects Best (13 November 2020)

With Lockdown2 in place we are moving back online for our classes for the next few weeks and we are thrilled with how ell the first classes have gone. We know it’s not ideal but it is a brilliant way for the children to stay in touch with friends, keep creative and stay happy.

Thanks to all who have sent us feedback on our various classes so far. Your support and encouragement has been amazing and we really feel we are on the right track. Running the brilliant Academy and various other courses over the past few weeks has given us a very good idea of what can be achieved in these classes and we are super confident that we will deliver a creative, interactive and FUN experience for all involved. Nothing pre-recorded, all live and interactive.

Thank you again for all your support – it has meant a huge amount to us and we hope that we are bringing some smiles, excitement and engagement into your lockdown!

Best wishes

David, Annette & Lisa