The Company

The Company is an exciting and unique new group focused on creating and performing new musicals. It is populated by young people aged 10-21 who…

Love musical theatre, AND/OR
Love to devise/script/compose, AND/OR
Act, sing and/or dance with confidence, AND/OR
Play an instrument

The Company launched this September and already the results of our workshops have been amazing!

Coached by top professionals and meeting on Friday evenings between 5pm and 8pm at Sandringham School, the group develops new ideas for musical theatre, culminating in full public performances, private viewings and a stream of new material.

The Company offers young people the chance to truly stretch their creativity to the next level as a team of diverse-talented, like-minded creatives. There is no other group providing this level of creative opportunity – come and join us on this unique journey.

And there are NO AUDITIONS – we have proven with our youth theatre group that genuine enthusiasm and a shared vision makes anything possible. So if any of the above sounds like you/your child, we want to hear from you.

There’s a two week trial so that your child can get a strong grasp of what The Company does.

The video below is out first ever rehearsal with instruments!

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From 3 months to 5 years,
a fabulous introduction to performance

Acting, singing, dancing, fun and friendship
for ages 6 to adult

Technique, stagecraft, confidence & performance
for ages 8 to adult

Skills in front and behind the lens
for ages 11 upwards