Best Beginners is an exciting, fun-filled introduction to communications skills and performance from Best Theatre Arts.

Learning through play and experience is vital and your child will have the chance to try things out in an atmosphere of fun and support. Of course not all the children are comfortable with performance – indeed many are initially nervous or shy. But it is amazing how quickly that changes as we help them grow the confidence to move forward.

Each Best Beginners class, in St Albans or Hertford, lasts for 1½ hours mixing together elements of drama, music and dance, gently encouraging small but significant steps in their development. There will be games, songs, dances – all kinds of activities specifically selected to take your child to their next stage.

Over lockdown we ran brilliant classes under our old First Class banner. First there was  Room on the Broom followed by The Gruffalo , then James and the Giant Peach and lastly Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – all led by the wonderful Beckie Briley. And every weekend Molly brought smiles and fun to a large class with her First Class ONLINE classes. 

Below is a little video showing what we do – we have since changed to our Best Beginners name but you get the general idea…

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Hertford 9am-10.30am
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St Albans 9.30-11am
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St Albans 11.30am-1pm
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From 3 months to 5 years,
a fabulous introduction to performance

Acting, singing, dancing, fun and friendship
for ages 6 to adult

Technique, stagecraft, confidence & performance
for ages 8 to adult

Skills in front and behind the lens
for ages 11 upwards