Best Beans

What a wonderful world it is for the very young – every day filled with new sights, sounds and experiences. Bestbeans helps develop in your child the skills needed to make the most of them. AND WE’RE BACK FACE-TO-FACE FOR THE SUMMER

BestBeans are classes from Best Theatre Arts for babies and toddlers in St Albans and Hertford and offer the best start for your child – a brilliant new way to begin their voyage through childhood with growing self-esteem, easy sociability and a good sense of fun.

It is a complete creative experience, nurturing co-ordination, confidence and communication skills. We know every child is different and our small class sizes let us help to find the right way to work with your child.

We use a unique mix of classic and original stories, songs, music and movement so the comfort of the familiar is matched with the thrill and discovery of the new. And the classes are often as much fun for the parents/carers as for the children!

Our 45 minute classes are split between children aged 3 months to walkers, and those walking and beginning to talk. The children gather the perfect blend of experiences and skills with which to explore their childhood and develop their potential.

And you get the chance to play and bond with your child and to meet and chat with other Mums, building up your network of friends and support. It’s great to see our parents getting together each week in the cafe for coffee and cakes!

It’s the very best way to spend a morning! Bestbeans is a complete creative experience, developing skills that will stay with your child for life!

St Albans & Kimpton

BestBeans is at Trestle Arts Base in St Albans on Tuesday mornings, 10am or 11am and at KImpton Village Hall in Hertford on Fridays at 10am.

Contact Beckie on 07419 311087 [email protected] for more information

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