Best School of Musical Theatre

Three hours of friendly musical theatre fun every term-time weekday taught by experienced industry teaching professionals? What’s not to like?

Our performing arts classes in St Albans and Hertford give young people aged 6 to 16 an amazing place not only to learn key life skills (communication, teamwork, confidence etc) but also to begin to explore who they really are. We enable this by creating a safe space where equality of opportunity, positive support and individual care form the backbone of our teaching. We play games, devise scenes, work on scripts, sing loudly and dance the time away. It’s a dynamic, nurturing, energetic and exciting place to be. 

In the three hours each group enjoys drama classes, singing workshops and dance lessons with groups of similarly aged children (usually 6 to 8, 9 to 11 and secondary school).

Every term has a theme and we usually put on something for parents and friends at the end. It might be a showcase, a mini-pantomime at Christmas (complete with mince pies) or our main public show which happens at the end of the spring term.

The quality of our teaching team is second to none – established professionals with a proven love of teaching. 

Children can come along for a two-week trial for them (and you) to make sure we are the right place. So why not give it a go?

We have groups on Saturdays at Sandringham School, St Albans (10am-1pm and 1.30pm-4.30pm) and in Hertford (10am-1pm) at our lovely new venue at Heath Mount School.

And for those who already love musical theatre and/or play instruments and really want a new challenge, we now have The Company.

Our training provides a fantastic springboard, nurturing skills that will be invaluable in whatever the children do with the rest of their lives. There is no better introduction to performing arts (acting, singing and dancing) than Best for children aged 6 to 16!

And even during lockdown we were able to produce some memorable performance pieces. Below you’ll find some clips from our filmed projects – there were nearly 30 of them!

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Hertford @ Heath Mount Sat AM
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From 3 months to 5 years,
a fabulous introduction to performance

Acting, singing, dancing, fun and friendship
for ages 6 to adult

Technique, stagecraft, confidence & performance
for ages 8 to adult

Skills in front and behind the lens
for ages 11 upwards