Our annual Best shows are a brilliant chance to show off all those new found skills. We try something different each year- from musicals to more serious plays, from Shakespeare to pantomime – usually writing each show to meet the needs, size and make-up of the groups so that everyone gets lots to do and there are no auditions.

Our youth theatre shows are major events – we’ve been to the National Theatre with our stunning version of The Boy Preference, we’ve been to the Arts Depot with the hypnotic and emotional These Bridges, spellbound the Maltings Arts Theatre with the emotional and searing GONE and have loved our times at the Roman Theatre of Verulamium with The Birds, Around the World in 80 Days and most recently with Olympiaganza.

Check out our Vimeo channel – lots more to see there!

From 3 months to 5 years,
a fabulous introduction to performance

Acting, singing, dancing, fun and friendship
for ages 6 to adult

Technique, stagecraft, confidence & performance
for ages 8 to adult

Skills in front and behind the lens
for ages 11 upwards