Having waited for years to see this (booked tickets before pandemic struck) we were thrilled to actually get to see this Aaron Sorkin version of a favourite book. And it was worth the wait!

Rafe Spall was kind of ‘Rafe Spall being Atticus Finch’ in that if you’ve ever seen him perform live before you’ll know his mannerisms and tricks, but nonetheless it was a compelling performance, more angry than Gregory Peck’s film character. The rest of the cast were super – the three children perhaps looking slightly older than you might imagine for Scout, Jem and Dill but just about getting away with it. Calpurnia’s part was extended to provide more poignant race commentary and to set Atticus Finch’s actions into more context.

Beautifully choreographed intricate set changes done by the cast added to the feeling of ensemble narrative.

Most importantly, though, the show did justice to the book. A general standing ovation was given – didn’t meet my exacting criteria for one of those though so I let folk get on with it. Herein another blog I think…

In the performance we saw, one of the cast fell from the stage quite heavily. It was impressive how quickly the play was stopped and assistance given. Thankfully we heard he was OK. And it has HOT inside the theatre.