Hi everyone

Here’s the singalongabest instructions


  • Teach yourself the song using the lyrics below and the backing tracks (sorry about my singing on the vocal one) – backing tracks can be found here
  • When taping, please sing unaccompanied (without the backing track)
  • For the dance break please just go mad jumping around, again unaccompanied
  • You don’t have to record all the song
  • Please use props/scenery/costume etc to make your clip more interesting
  • Send your clips to [email protected]
  • If the clips are too large to email, send them via wetransfer to [email protected] or whatsapp them to me at 07887536225
  • I will try and get everyone in – if it’s impossible then I’ll make sure you are in the next one
  • Any problems – please email me


Rock Song – lyrics

Everywhere you go, right across the World
From the snowy mountain tops to the underworld
You’re never ever more than a stone’s throw away from rock

You can feel it in your shoes, you can hold it in your hand
You can roll it while you’re rockin’ to the rhythm of the band
Coz everybody knows that the whole World’s built on rock


Rock! (rock) Rock! (rock) Rock! (rock) Rock!
We are shingle, we are gravel, we’re a boulder or a block
Yeah we like it, we like it
Coz rock is all over the World

Chill with the marble, grind up the stones
Feel the jingle of the shingle send a tingle through your bones
You can crack it you can hack it, but there’ll never be a lack of rock

Metamorphic, sedimentary, igneous it doesn’t really…
Matter coz the strata holds the rock in line together
And the valleys and the mountains show the underlying pattern of rock


And if you see a rock is rollin’
Then you’d better start a-strollin’
Coz it might roll over you
And we never have to worry even if we’re in a quarry
Coz we’re rockin’ the whole night through

Dance break

 Chorus with claps x 2

 Chorus x 2

 Repeat last line