The Birds

Suggested Casting for The Birds

Please note that these are our initial suggestions – on the first session back we will be reading through and trying scenes with this casting – we may take this opportunity to shift a few parts around.

Please make sure you have read the play  and are very familiar with the part you have been assigned.

Pez – Will

Eulipedes – Frankie R

Hawk – Matilda

Epops – Tom

Procne – Ruby

Titmouse – Felicity

Blue footed Boobie – Amelia

Hummingbird – Oliver

Flamingo – Cicely

Passenger Pigeon – Annabel

Dodo – Beth

Kiwi – Kristen

Parrot – Hattie

Crow – Jacob

Bat – Jade

Ostrich – Jasmine

Investment Banker & Prometheus – Sam

Lawyer & Hercules – Anya

Insurance Agent – Eva

Activist & Mgrachuchuck- Isobel

Internet Spammer – Eloise

Iris – Alicia

Poseidon – Tanya